Shit MAn

hn Amaechi Says He’s Gay; Tim Hardaway Says He Hates Him

Jeff Garcia has had his time to shine as an example of homosexuality in sports (even though he’s not a real homosexual). Now, it’s John Amaechi’s turn. Amaechi’s admission that he is gay is a real step forward for gays in pro sports. It says to homosexuals everywhere, “It’s okay to be gay as long as you can make money by writing a book about it.”

With the homophobic attitude in pro sports, it was no surprise when Tim Hardaway lashed out on a radio show saying that hated gays and that homosexuality shouldn’t be allowed in the United States.

LeBron James also got his two cents in: “We take shower’s together…If you’re in the closet, it’s like lying to us.” To paraphrase, you’re a liar if you don’t tell LeBron that you’re gay, but if you are, he won’t shower with you.


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